Norvell – Tanning the Smart and Healthy Way

Norvell – Tanning the Smart and Healthy Way

Summer is steadily approaching and spring is here, on our doorstep. This means, our winter coats and scarfs will soon end up in the closet and we will probably go shopping for beach towels and pair of sunglasses. Most of us will also consider the get that pre-summer tan, so we can show off some color right off the bat when the beach season starts.

Why Norvell tanning solutions?

Norvell Venetian Spray Tan, along with the company’s other products make achieving and maintaining that bronzed look fairly simple. Norvell tanning solution offers a breakthrough micro-nutrient technology that will give the body that beach-tanned look and also delivers a blend of vitamins and antioxidants in the process. These products are also fragranced with raspberry essence and almond extracts.

Some customers actually prefer the Venetian Solution over the company’s other products. As they have stated, the Venetian line offers “a smoother, darker tan and is a lot easier to apply with a spray tan machine”.

An intelligent tanning booth

Norvell’s product line also offers a special spray tan machine which utilizes a heat activated “intellispray” solution. This actually helps jump start the tanning process and gives the customer healthy and natural results.

The Norvell Spray Tan Booth has easy to understand automated voice commands, so customers don't have to memorize the different positions to get an even tan. The machine is one of the smartest on the market. It actually reads the body’s dimensions, which means that every tanning is a totally custom, unique experience.

As you can see, getting that summer tanned look is easier than ever! Not to mention, healthier too!

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