Norvell Z3000 Review

Norvell Z3000 Review

The Norvell Z3000 Sunless Tanning HVLP Salon Machine maybe has a rating of “only” 3.5 stars on Amazon, but we at Artesian Tan are convinced this guy is one of the most powerful, efficient, durable, and wallet-friendly spray tanning machines currently available on the market.

On our list, Norvell Z3000 Sunless Tanning HVLP Salon Machine will always have the highest rating, and let us elaborate why…

Why Norvell Z3000 Should Be Your Next Spray Tanning Investment

It doesn’t matter if you own a sunless tanning salon or you run a mobile spray tanning business, this product will most definitely suit all your professional spray tanning needs. It is small and lightweight, yet it is able to cover a lot of surface with minimal overspray, which means it is cleverly tailored to cater to any type of professional sunless tanning business.

Under The Hood

When it comes to, perhaps, its most important part – its motor - Norvell Z3000 features the newest HVLP Turbine Technology making this model one of the most durable and sought after machines on the spray tanning market.

This impressive turbine also provides you with variable speed controls that allow you to more accurately and more efficiently use this lightweight gun and make the most out of your tanning session.

Norvell Z3000 features:

  • Small, Lightweight design
  • Newest HVLP Turbine Technology
  • Variable Speed Controls Lightweight Mobile Gun Design
  • Quick Release Hose Connections Includes Pressurized HVLP Z-Gun™ for Easy Control & Flawless Spray
  • Connections also compatible with M-Gun™ and T-Gun™ 3 Year Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Dimensions: 24 x 24 x 24 inches
  • Weight: 40 pounds

All these features make Norvell Z3000 the winning spray tanning machine in this price range (under $1000), truly making this gun the MVP (most valuable player) in its class. It is stable, easy to handle, durable, not too loud… while you also have the option to upgrade this mean machine using different guns and/or the Norvell Quiet Box.

Some of the major benefits of using Norvell z3000 include:

  • easy maintenance
  • easy to transport
  • well-built (sturdy look, quality parts)
  • lightweight - easy to handle due to its design
  • extremely efficient HVLP Turbine Technology
  • great price
  • upgradeable

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