Our 3 Most Popular Spray Tan Machines

Our 3 Most Popular Spray Tan Machines

People are only as good as their tools is a sentiment that definitely rings true in the sunless tanning industry. No matter how skilled technicians are at their craft, the ability to consistently spray masterful tans for clients can only be achieved with top-of-the-line equipment and advanced spray tan solutions. Gaining the experience to identify the proper tools is as much of a skill as the craft itself. Luckily, at Artesian Tan we understand that helping our clients to perfect their craft by sharing with them the knowledge that we have accumulated through our years of experience can only benefit everyone. That is why we have compiled guides and blog posts like this to offer assistance on the most important topics that sunless tanning business owners and technicians have questions about. We believe that when you are selecting your next spray tan machine, these are the three products that you ABSOLUTELY MUST consider!

  1. Fuji Spray 2150 salonTAN Platinum M-Model

One of the quietest and most reliable systems on the market, the 2-stage motor that Fuji Spray designed specifically for the salonTAN model line runs at an incredible 56dba (below that of a regular conversation)! The much more peaceful setting that this design creates gives your customers a more pleasant spray tan experience. The system is paired with the TAN7350 bleed style applicator, whose design oozes quality from its stainless-steel components to its professional-grade features. These features include the ability to easily adjust your spray pattern and fluid control with convenient knobs, plus each piece is designed for quick removal to make cleaning and maintenance a breeze. The system comes complete with a 10 ft hose that includes a plastic bend restrictor at the turbine end, a user manual, wrench, cleaning brush, AND a comprehensive 24-month warranty. From your first spray, you will be able to tell the difference that this high-quality spray tan machine makes for your business.

*Also available in the more portable 2100 miniTAN Platinum M-Model

   2. Norvell Sunless Mobile M1000 HVLP Handheld Spray System with M-Gun

The most affordable and lightweight option on our list, the Norvell Sunless Mobile M1000 HVLP Handheld Spray System with M-Gun is an excellent choice for home usage or businesses specializing in portable services. It offers exceptional quality at an unparalleled value, which is something that we’ve found to be particularly appealing to those who are just entering the industry. Novell’s top-selling system includes an HVLP MGun with an 8oz solution cup and no internal o-ring, which allows the user to perform multiple sessions in succession with easy clean-up afterward. Similar to the Fuji Spray 2150, the MGun also offers a convenient knob to adjust the spray pattern for smoother application. Besides the system’s light weight, an included shoulder strap provides added portability to technicians on-the-go. A one-year manufacturer warranty gives you peace of mind, but keep in mind that this system was designed for light to medium use. If you are looking for an excellent starter system or one that is incredibly well-suited for home usage, then this is the one for you.

   3. Fuji Spray 3350 hvlpTAN GLO

Mixing the durability of the 2150 salonTAN and the portability of the M1000 HVLP, the Fuji Spray 3350 hvlpTAN GLO Spray Tan System is a great choice for a thriving mobile sunless tanning business. No matter where you find yourself working, Fuji Spray’s innovative 4.2-pound feather light design is easy to transport. A high-impact case and an applicator holder slot further enhance this product’s unmatched portability. Paired with the same TAN7350 bleed style applicator as the 2150 salonTAN, users will be able to enjoy the same quality and useful features that the more stationary model offers. The system includes a 10 ft hose with quick connect, a user manual, wrench, cleaning brush, AND a 12-month warranty. Invest in this high-quality system to improve your business for years to come!

*Also available in the smaller 3400 hvlpTAN LITE model

Try some of these incredible spray tan machines to take your services to the next level, setting yourself apart from the competition and exceeding your customers’ expectations. To get you started, all of these systems come with Artesian Tan’s exclusive deal of a free bottle of solution (Kahuna Bay Artesian Blend Dark, Norvell Venetian Dark, or Vita Liberata Ecuador) with your purchase. We carry a complete range of sunless tanning products from some of the most renowned brands in the industry. Visit our website to discover this exceptional selection, which is trusted by salons and mobile technicians throughout the country and learn about our wholesale program that can help to boost your business’ profits. Be sure to follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram for some of the best sunless tanning-related content around!

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