Our New Product - Skinny Tan

Our New Product - Skinny Tan

Tan, tone, hydrate and fight cellulite all in one product. That's right, Skinny Tan has all our needs covered.

At Artesian Tan, we are in love with the newest addition to our products- Skinny Tan. Skinny Tan USA is a self-tanner with natural firming agents that activate while you bronze. The collection creates the perfect tanning tone, while helping clients tone up. A coconut aroma compliments this powerful product line and can be used in conjunction with bronzing lotions to keep your skin beautifully moisturized.

Guarana, a naturally derived cellulite active, is a chief ingredient in Skinny Tan products. Guarana is a highly concentrated fruit seed native to the Amazon. It's full of caffeine which helps it defend against toxins and digest as an effective stimulant. Beyond dual effects, the Skinny Tan line boasts the best possible color- never worry about orange tints!

Skinny Tan is firmly against animal products and testing, and all products are paraben free. A natural alternative to DHA, the Brassica napus seed, is mixed in to avoid the typical, unpleasant fake-tanner odor, and the bronzer washes off once the tan has developed. So many amazing benefits in one bottle!

Skinny Tan Products

The product range for Skinny Tan is vast. From Body Mousse to After Glow Gloss, Skinny Tan has everything you need for the perfect glow. Below are our favorites so far:

Skinny Tan 7 Day Tanner

The 7-day Tanner allows you to apply the product over a week to gently create a natural looking bronze that gets deeper with reapplication. The Tanner comes with a color guide to see where you have applied or where you have missed application. The color guide is darker than the color naturally developing underneath, so if you accidentally streak the guide color, your actual tan will not be affected. The 7 Day Tanner is infused with Sweet Almond Oil and of course, with Guarana to help reduce the appearance of cellulite and blemishes.

Skinny Tan Gradual Tanner

Gradual Tanner lets you layer the white body butter cream daily until you reach your ideal tan. The cream has a lower level of the Natural tanning active, so it is both safe and slow in its progress.

Skinny Tan After Glow Gloss

This moisturizing gloss gives the ultimate Red Carpet look without any glitter or spotty reflection. The Glow Gloss has all natural ingredients: Sunflower Seed Oil, Silica, Macadamia Oil, Castor Seed Oil and Coconut Oil that help keep your skin hydrated while preserving and enhancing your tan.

About the Company

Skinny Tan was born out of the wish to apply anti-cellulite cream and fake tanner at the same time by two Aussie moms who spend quality time with their children while working.

Skinny Tan earned itself a show-stopping reputation within only a year in business. Company co-founders Louise Ferguson and Kate Cotton won over the notoriously skeptical hosts and investors of Dragon's Den, a UK entrepreneur show similar to Shark Tank. Ferguson and Cotton were grilled for over two hours by the shrewd investors, but the duo won them over and made history with the most successful sales pitch in the history of the BBC2 show.

Every Dragon made Skinny Tan an offer, inciting a bidding war for investment in the industry changing product. After only two years with investors Kelly Hoppen and Piers Linney, Skinny Tan was acquired by beauty giant InnovaDerma for 80 percent stake of the company.

To learn more about Skinny Tan Dragons Den story or products, get in touch with the fabulous tanning experts at Artesian Tan.

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