#Quarantanning: Three Reasons to Tan at Home During COVID-19 Quarantine

#Quarantanning: Three Reasons to Tan at Home During COVID-19 Quarantine

Have you heard about quarantanning -- the tan-at-home phenomenon that has resulted from the response to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic?

The Urban Dictionary has an entry for it, and the #quarantanning hashtag is all over TikTok, Instagram, and other social media channels.

To say that we are all living through tough times is an understatement. Not being able to leave the house unless absolutely necessary isn’t a situation we’ve experienced before, and families and businesses are faced with uncertainty in many aspects of their lives.

So why, then, is quarantanning such a trending topic?

We break it down to three main reasons:

1. Spray tanners are keeping their skills fresh
2. Remote employees want to stay golden for their Zoom meetings
3. Spray tanners are using this downtime to experiment with different tools and solutions

Keeping spray tanning skills fresh

Use the downtime of COVID-19 quarantine to hone your spray tanning skills.

The techniques and practices of spray tanning or any sunless tanning application can be difficult. With all of the different equipment and application methods out there, you might lose your touch if you don’t consistently put them to use.

That’s why even if you aren’t going to be leaving the house anytime soon, it’s still important to keep your spray tanning skills fresh.

Have fun with it and give yourself some tans, and if that doesn’t interest you, practice your techniques on a family member.

Looking golden for all of those Zoom meetings

Booked in Zoom meetings all day like the woman in this picture? Use self-tanning products at home to look your best for videoconferences.

Going back to the point of having fun with giving yourself a tan, this could also come in handy for you from a business perspective.

If you are continuing to conduct some aspects of your business online and have meetings via Zoom or any other type of video conference service, this is a good opportunity for you to showcase your perfect tan.

Not only are you practicing your spray tanning application skills but you are making yourself presentable and marketable to all of your clients and business partners.

By showing off your tan in times like these, people will either be really glad that they come to you for tanning or wonder to themselves why they aren’t doing so already. This is a perfect way to retain and gain clients at home.

Try doing an Instagram Live or Facebook Live on spray tanning for video meetings -- your followers will love it!

Experimenting with new solutions and tools

The woman in this picture is using a new spray tanning finishing spray to give her home tan a boost.

With all of the free time that we have on our hands now, you not only have the time to keep up on your spray tanning skills, you have the opportunity to experiment with new solutions and tools with every quaratan.

Try everything that you can and give yourself the upper hand so that when everything is back to normal and you’re able to start giving tans to customers again, you’ll be sure to have the most effective and innovative products for your clients.

Put all three of these tips to use and you will effectively be keeping your spray tanning business in operation, not to mention the added benefit of maintaining your own perfect tan while stuck inside (and don’t forget to share your #quarantanning efforts with us on Instagram and Facebook).

We hope that you all stay safe and can’t wait for this to be over so that we can all get back to doing what we love!

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