Redhead Spray Tanning Tips

Redhead Spray Tanning Tips

Redheads usually have a rather pale skin type, which makes it extra difficult for them to get that perfect bronze glow via spray tanning. People with fair skin must be extremely careful when it comes to any kind of sunless tanning due to the unique complexion of their skin. This means that every redhead spray tan session is a special challenge for a spray tanning technician, and this is where you can see whether the technician is truly skilled and experienced in his/her niche.

Redheads have extremely sensitive skin that is usually quite prone to product sensitivity reactions, but also that notorious orange-y and brassy hues, as well as uneven fading after the sessions.

There’s also the “problem” with freckles. Don’t get us wrong, we at Artesian Tan like those gorgeous skin spots, but they tend to get darker than the rest of the skin, which can result in uneven tone.

This is why we decided to delve a little bit deeper into the ginger spray tan issue and provide you with some useful and actionable tips and hacks for more successful redhead spray tan sessions.

Tip #1: Choose the right tanning shade/depth

When it comes to any type of sunless tanning, spray tanning or otherwise, the main thing that dictates what type of solution you should use and which shade you should opt for - is the type and the default shade of your natural skin. As redheads have pale skin that is very often quite packed with freckles, you must make sure the shade you opt for will do justice to those unique skin traits.

In order to avoid the unwanted orange complexion and perfectly match those freckles and light skin tone, you should go with a very soft tanning mixture shade. The best way to find the perfect shade is a little bit of trial and error routine. Ask your spray tanning technician to cover a small patch first in order to find the depth that works for your skin tone.

This process won’t last long, but can indeed turn out to be crucial for end results.

Typically, opting for dark brown shades that have no red or gold tones is a nudge in the right direction as it will work well with the red tones in your hair and skin, making your new tan look more natural. It’s all about finding the spray tanning solution shade that will be able to optimally counteract the red and ivory undertones of the ginger look.

Tip #2: Careful with the coverage

People who opt for sunless tanning in professional salons, as well as those who do self-tanning sessions in the comfort of their own homes, tend to overdo it when it comes to coverage. They usually insist on getting heavy coverage, which is ok if you have the skin tone and hair color to match (balance out the new skin tone).

When it comes to redheads, things get a bit more complicated.

Make sure to talk to your spray tanning technician and ask them for some experience-driven advice. The general rule of thumb for redheads is to get as little coverage as possible during a spray tanning session, especially if we are talking about your first session.

Heavy coverage can be rather tricky. Although it will cover the freckles and seemingly even out your overall skin tone, it could make you look ridiculously over-tanned.

Tip #3: Build some base beforehand

We suggest you do some preparing first, and by preparing we mean you play with several back to back tanning sessions first and start doing them about 3 weeks before your actual sessions. This will help you raise the DHA levels in your skin and help you build some base color, which will help your skin absorb the tanner much better later on.

Do you think we forgot some of the crucial redhead spray tan tips? If you do, feel free to mention them in the comments section below. For more articles like this one, and some excellent deals on spray tanning equipment and solutions – visit Artesian Tan.

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