Save Your Skin This Summer with St Tropez Tanning Solution

People have to deal with UV rays throughout the year, but summertime brings about higher amounts of dangerous UV radiation. It can be surprisingly easy to damage your skin in just a short amount of time at the beach or pool. In fact, you don’t necessarily have to burn for there to be damage to your skin. There’s a lot of damage done that isn’t visible to the naked eye, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t harmful for your skin. If you want to keep your skin healthy during the summer, make sure you follow these tips.

Have different kinds of sunscreen available

You wouldn’t wear your swimsuit to play football, so why would you bring regular old sunscreen to the pool where you’re bound to get wet? All sunscreen isn’t created equal, and there are different kinds you can use that will give you different kinds of protection. If you’re planning on going to a field day or doing some rigorous hiking, look for a solid sport stick sunscreen that can help keep you cool and can withstand sweat. Utilize our St. Tropez bronzing solution at home, and don’t worry about lowering your SPF level to get a tan.

Avoid high UV/sunshine times

Did you know that the UV forecast can change just as often as the weather? There are going to be some days when UV radiation will be at its highest, and even some hours of the day when it’ll be stronger. There are apps like SunZapp that can let you know when UV radiation will be at its highest, and your local weather forecast may even have some information on UV levels. Try to avoid being outside when the UV Index Scale reaches a 6 or higher.

Dress accordingly

Sunscreen can do a lot to protect you from UV rays, but your clothes can also add an extra layer of protection. You can’t exactly be covered in fabric head to toe when it’s sweltering outside, but there are some simple items you can wear that won’t overheat you. Sometimes, something as simple as a wide-brimmed hat or a tunic can provide essential UV protection while keeping you cool and stylish.

Avoid the temptation to tan

We know that summer is the ultimate tanning season, but if you want to protect your skin you’ll avoid baking in the sun. You can easily get a sun-kissed look without having to endure UV damage. Use something high quality like St. Tropez tanning solution to look tan without having to be in the sun.

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