10 Self Tanning Hacks for Golden Glow

10 Self Tanning Hacks for Golden Glow

The golden glow is the ideal we all want to achieve, and our 10 easy self-tanning hacks will help you get it. We all know how risky self-tanning is. Basically, everything can go wrong -- from an off-putting orange tone, uneven color to streaks.

To help you avoid self-tanning mistakes, and reach the perfect sunkissed glow, Artesian Tan presents you with these handy self-tanning hacks:

1. Pick the Right Tone

Choosing the right color is beyond important. If you go too light, you will end up frustrated, but if you go too dark, you will end up looking like an Oompa Loompa.

Pick a tone 2 to 3 shades darker than your skin. If you want to go darker, be patient, and get there gradually!

2. Choose the right equipment

The possibilities of self-tanning equipment can be a bit overwhelming. It is easy to get lost in the options, so do some internet research, and find the method that you like best and think is easiest for application.

3. Exfoliate and shave

Exfoliating is the most crucial step in having a nice tan! Exfoliating removes the dead skin cells which would otherwise cause discoloration. By exfoliating, you allow the color to set in uniformly, and last longer. Shaving can exfoliate parts of your skin, so make sure to shave a day before you apply the tanning product, to keep the even sunless tan.

4. Moisturize

Moisturized skin is more elastic, has a nicer glow and is healthier in general. Besides, if you hydrate your skin, the tan will not only have a more natural glow, but it will last longer. Apply lotion a day before, and every day after getting a fake tan. You will elongate the tan duration by 3 to 5 days.

There are areas of the body which are naturally dryer, and you should devote special attention to these -- elbows, knees, and hands. The faux tan may stick better to them and make them darker. Use a non-oil-based hydrating creme to moisturize your skin, and get a perfect tan.

5. Make application sections

Section your body and apply the tan in long and slow strokes. Do not rush and apply the product to your face first, along with the hairline. Apply it on the body, making sure to take your time and not miss any spots. Be especially careful around elbows and knees, and try not to apply too much product on them.

6. Use vaseline

Vaseline is greasy and soaks up excess color, so if you have applied too much on a specific spot, you can easily fix the mistake with vaseline.

7. Let the tan fully develop

Fake tan needs time to completely develop the color. Organize yourself so that you apply the tan before going to bed. That way, you will not sweat too much, shower or damage the tan in any way.

Avoid the gym for at least 8 hours after application because sweating will destroy all your hard work and cause the tan to look uneven.

8. Lock it in with baby powder

After getting a tan, dust baby powder on crease-prone areas. The powder will lock the tan in.

9. Maintain your tan

It is important to stay hydrated, by drinking water and applying lotion. Moreover, having a tan does not protect you from burning. Besides, if you burn and your skin gets red, your tan will not look as good.

10. Get a good quality product

Cheaper products may sound appealing, but will most likely not meet your expectations and will last shorter. When you sum it up, using a cheaper product has absolutely no benefits.

Following our simple steps will ensure you a first-class sunless tan. Browse our blog section for more useful tanning hacks, and other tips and tricks, today!

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