Skin Care Tips to Comply With This Fall

Skin Care Tips to Comply With This Fall

The only thing faster than a speed of light is, of course, summer. It comes almost out of the blue each year and goes by so quickly, only to leave us semi-depressed and in hope that the next summer won’t fly by so promptly. But it will. However, this fall doesn’t have to be so gloomy.

Sure, the sunniest and happiest time of year is behind us, but that doesn’t have to mean we now need to say goodbye to having healthy and attractive skin.

Though it does require some additional effort on your part, keeping your skin moist, tanned, and as healthy as it was during sunny months is not mission impossible. Yes, it is time to put your favorite flip-flops, bathing suit, and summer hat back in the closet, but that doesn’t necessarily mean your summer body has to go, as well!

Our team at Artesian Tan suggests that your healthy skin routine shouldn’t stop once the cold months arrive. Quite on the contrary, actually. That being said, here are some pro fall skin care tips to follow if you don’t want your skin to dry out, and go berserk during the upcoming cold months.

Make Sure Your Products Haven’t Expired

We all have our favorite, go-to skin routine and care products, but too often we forget to check if some of those have been in our apartment a bit too long. Failing to check for expiration dates on our skin and beauty products is actually one of the most common oversights, especially during the summer-fall transition period.

This can turn out to be a rather big problem since expired beauty products can significantly compromise the condition and the overall health of your skin.

The best way to make sure your products are still usable, aside from checking the date imprinted on the product packaging, is to simply smell the product. This old-school rule of thumb always works, so if you notice that a product smells a bit off, and is not of the right texture anymore, you should definitely throw it away.

Continue Wearing Sun Protection

Although the summer is gone, our precious Sun is, unfortunately, still quite bad for our skin. This is why leading skin experts recommend wearing sunscreen all year round, regardless of the season, due to the fact that UV radiation is able to reach our skin throughout the year, even on a cloudy day, or when it is raining or snowing. Make sure you remember to wear some SPF every once in a while.

Long Hot Showers Will Dry Out Your Skin

Although we all enjoy those relaxing, long, and hot showers, especially when the temperature starts to plummet during cold seasons, these long hot baths are actually not that good for your skin. What happens is that prolonged heat can result in your skin becoming very dry, which is why skin experts recommend limiting your hot showers to 10 minutes or using lukewarm water.

On the same note, it is also recommended that you use gentle fragrance-free cleansers, and try to reduce the use of soaps and cleansers to a minimum or use the ones that don’t lather much. The best way to keep your skin moisturized is to blot instead of rub, after your baths. You can also opt for quality skin products like thick cream or ointment that you apply to your skin while it is still slightly damp.

Products that contain the following ingredients are said to be great for keeping your skin hydrated:

  • urea
  • lactic acid
  • glycerin
  • hyaluronic acid
  • mineral oil

Be Sure You Are Using the Right Products

One of the crucial fall skin care tips is to find the most optimal skin products for your skin type. Make sure you inform yourself about whether you need to use heavier skin care products or go with the lighter ones instead.

We hope you found these tips useful. If, however, you think we failed to mention some vital ones, feel free to leave a comment. For more similar articles, and some great deals on spray tan products and equipment, visit Artesian Tan. 

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