Common Spray Tan Mistakes: How to Avoid Bad Spray Tan?

Common Spray Tan Mistakes: How to Avoid Bad Spray Tan?

Even though spray tanning has come a long way and the solutions have improved tremendously, application techniques and tanning equipment have also become a lot more sophisticated, there still are cases when people end up with a bad spray tan.

Why is that still the case?

We’re all human and error is inevitable. As there are spelling mistakes, there are also spray tan mistakes. Luckily, everything can be corrected, better yet prevented, by just a few simple steps.

So, if you are looking for simple ways to get rid of your spray tan problems for good, stay with Artesian Tan and give this article a read. With these tips, you won’t commit either of the cardinal sins of fake baking and your summer glow will be better than ever!

Spray Tan Mistakes Before Your Appointment

Avoid shaving and applying body lotion or oil 24 hours before your appointment. We’ve already told you about the importance of moisturizing, however, don’t overdo it, since it can thin out the tan from taking evenly on the skin. Make sure that you only focus on dry areas of the body like the knees and the elbows.

Also, make sure not to over-exfoliate. While exfoliating is pivotal for a glamorous tan since it smooths out the skin and leaves the body like a clear canvas, overdoing it might not be a good idea because the tan won’t have anything to “hold onto”.

Spray Tan Mistakes During the Appointment

Make sure to consult with your spray tanning tech before you jump into it. They need to know more than just the level of bronze you want in order to deliver the best results. Tell them a bit about your skin, how you tan regularly on the sun and tell them about the sunless products you’ve been using and your results with them. Also, tell them if you want to get your glow on for a special occasion and how much skin you are planning on showing. If you’re looking for a bridal tan, you might just need a nice glow. If you’re going on vacation, maybe you’ll want a much more defined and dimensional look. It’s essential that both of you are on the same page.

You should always protect areas like the hairline. Always wear sticky pads on the soles of your feet, moisturizer on your eyebrows and hairline. Also, always make sure that your technician is watching out for the wrists and palms. And if you are a technician reading this, please, keep an eye out for these spots.

Spray Tan Mistakes After the Appointment

Stay away from oil-based moisturizers since the oil breaks down the tan.

Also, sporting a nice spray tan doesn’t mean you won’t get sunburned. No excuses, you must wear sunscreen to protect you from UV rays. However, always use an oil-free SPF.

You always want to be prepared for damage control. This means you should keep several products close to keep your tan glowing post-application. To avoid sweat-induced streaks, coat problematic areas (such as the underarms and cleavage) in baby powder. It shields the skin and keeps the tan intact for longer.

If you’re exposing your tan to heat or chlorine, patches might develop on your skin. We recommend filling the patches with a wash-off bronzing product to control the damage.

Don’t try scrubbing your tan off prematurely. If you have patches, this could make them even more noticeable. Instead, allow the fake bake to fade naturally by gently polishing and moisturizing it every two to three days.

Following these simple steps will ensure that your sunless tan will be top-notch. As you can see, proper preparation, aftercare, and application (and protection) all play an important role in getting and maintaining a crisp sunless tan.

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