Spray Tan vs Tanning Bed - The Skin Feels the Difference

Spray Tan vs Tanning Bed - The Skin Feels the Difference

We have covered this topic before, and we will cover it again. All diseases are serious topics, and skin problems are no exception. By the nature of the industry, you should have already guessed; this article is going to be about melanoma awareness.

We all know that rocking a nice tan isn’t just aesthetically appealing, an instant confidence booster but can also make one feel happy and full of life.

When it comes to spray tanning or tanning beds, make sure to tell your clientele – their skin will feel the difference!

What are we talking about?

First and foremost, about the potential dangers of tanning beds. We all know that prolonged periods spent directly in the sun without sunblock can cause serious damage to your skin. Because of this, some see tanning beds as a healthier option to get that coveted glow.

The truth is, UV rays emitted by tanning beds are far from being a risk-free alternative. According to a statement, the World Health Organization has issued on the same topic, the usage of tanning beds can be linked to melanoma development. Professionals on the subject agree, and some sources claim that tanning beds emit more than ten times the UV light than natural sunlight.

Take the safe rout – go sunless

As we all know, spray tanning is a smart and safe alternative way to get a breathtaking tan. The methods of sunless tanning have come a long way, getting a lot more sophisticated by each step.

The main ingredient in all sunless products dihydroxyacetone (or DHA) has been deemed safe by the Food And Drug Administration for external application to the skin. DHA (the ingredient responsible for darkening the skin) can only serve as a cause of concern if ingested or inhaled.

Keep this in mind! Tell it to your clients. Keep them safe.

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