Spray Tanning Before a Holiday – Busting the Myth Once and for All!

Spray Tanning Before a Holiday – Busting the Myth Once and for All!

Spray tanning before a holiday?! Are you completely nuts?! - people might ask you when you tell them about your plan to get a nice glow going before you go on a vacation to visit far-away places. As you might have already heard, a lot of people don’t think that’s a good idea. A lot of them have these wild theories that the tan will go streaky once you enter the pool, that you will come back paler than you’ve left, or you won’t get darker naturally.

We at Artesian Tan are here to bust all those pre-holiday tanning myths once and for all! We are here to tell you, that with the best spray tan solutions and post spray tan care, your Holiday will be a TanTastic experience you will never forget!

Contrary to copious warnings and horror stories, sunless tanning solutions don't go streaky, and you definitely won't feel pale when you step out onto the beach for the first time.

So, what should you do to avoid any inconveniences when it comes to getting a spray tan before going on a holiday?

  • First of all, getting a tan before you go on vacation can gives you that summer glow before you hit the beach and it can “take the edge off”. However, it's important to note that sunless tanning solutions will eventually fade and that they offer no protection from the sun. Some tanning solutions – with a hint of self-tan might soothe the skin and give a deeper glow if enriched with a self-tanning formula.
  • If you are exposed to the rays of the sun, make sure you use sunscreen since sunless tanning solutions won’t offer protection.
  • To avoid a streaky tan, make sure you don’t go into the pool while your sunless tan is still developing. Also, be sure to use sun protection that works well with spray tans.
  • You can go back paler than you left. It depends on a few things. If you opt for sunless tanning throughout your stay, your bronzed glow will definitely stay on. If you don't apply your tanning solutions on a regular basis during your vacation, your tan will eventually fade away. Honestly, this will also depend on how much time you've actually spent outside during your well-deserved days off. Don't worry, if your holiday is more of an evening break, just apply a bit of spray tan from your stash a day or two before you get back home. Nobody will notice!
  • As you can see, getting a nice sunless tan before a vacation is not a crime against humanity, but could even be a great idea! Just make sure you follow the instructions given in the paragraphs above and to make sure you always use sunscreen when being outside. Don't give into others' superstitions, get that glowing sunless tan going on and enjoy your vacation! If you have any questions or you’re looking solutions that best fit your needs, take a look at our other blogs and the wide variety of products we have to offer!

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