Spray Tanning Before Your Wedding Day

Spray Tanning Before Your Wedding Day

A couple should feel and look their best on their wedding day, and with a little bit of planning and preparation that is completely possible. A bride spends a lot of time selecting the perfect dress, and making hair and makeup choices— beautiful glowing tanned skin can only enhance the overall look.

But tanning for a wedding can be risky—no one wants to be a tone of orange or have a stripy tan on their big day. An easy solution for sun-kissed skin without the risks is a spray tan

If you're interested in a spray tan for your wedding, use the following tips:

Explore Your Options Early

It is never a good idea to walk into a tanning salon you have never visited and get a spray tan for the first time right before your wedding. In the months leading up to your wedding, visit the top-rated spray tanning salons in your area to get a trial spray tan so you can see how it looks on you. If you happen to have a swatch of your wedding dress fabric, bring it with you—this will help determine what shade of spray tan will look best with the exact color of your dress.

Coordinate with the Groom

If both you and your groom have naturally pale skin, it can be quite contrasting, especially in photos, if you have a beautiful tan and your groom does not. Talk to your groom about also getting a professional spray tan prior to the wedding. Like you, he should also have at least one trial spray tan before the wedding.

Get a Spray Tan before Your Make-Up Trial

Most brides who choose to hire a make-up artist for their wedding day have at least one make-up trial in order to figure out exactly what kind of makeup look they want. If you're having a makeup trial done, it is very important to get your spray tan a few days before. This will ensure that your makeup artist is able to determine the best foundation that matches your skin to use on the wedding day. Nothing can ruin a look faster than a foundation that doesn't match!

In addition, a tan can make make-up look totally different, so if you're going to get a spray tan before your wedding you'll want to have the same type of tan at the makeup trial, so you know exactly what type of look to expect on your big day.

Exfoliate Your Skin Well

Prior to getting a spray tan for your wedding day, take the time to exfoliate your whole body with a quality body scrub. This will ensure that the spray tan goes on smoothly and evenly. Pay special attention to your knees and elbows, since these areas can become dry. In addition to helping with your spray tan, a good exfoliation will also ensure that your skin is soft and looks its best when the wedding day arrives.

Give Your Spray Tan Time to Develop

Many brides are unsure of when to get a spray tan before the wedding. Ideally, you will want to get your final spray tan a few days before your wedding day. Your tan may need several hours to fully develop and darken. After you get your spray tan, it is best to avoid swimming and showering for at least 12 to 24 hours. This helps ensure that the spray tan solution is completely absorbed into the skin for an even, beautiful tan. Getting your spray tan several days before the wedding will also leave time for corrections if the tan does not turn out dark enough for you. 

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