Spray Tanning for Wedding Tips: Do's and Don'ts

Spray Tanning for Wedding Tips: Do's and Don'ts

Your wedding day can be one of the most stressful days in your life. There are simply far too many things that can go wrong. This is why you don’t need additional worries, like what if my spray tan turns out to be a disaster.

Odds are you will be rather busy with a myriad of other aspects of this important day, so making sure your spray tan is done professionally and properly is a must. There’s no room for rookie mistakes, and you will probably have only one shot to get it right. 

And by these mistakes we mean:

  • streaking
  • peeling
  • uneven tan
  • and the notorious orange hue that can’t seem to disappear

We at Artesian Tan know how disastrous these scenarios can be for the bride to be, therefore we decided to give you some useful spray tan for wedding tips that you should follow if you want to achieve that perfect spray tan for the most important day of your life.

The Spray Tan For Wedding Do’s

Do #1: Find an experienced technician who will know exactly what you need

In case you don’t already have your own spray tanning technician, make sure you conduct a proper research and find a professional bridal tanning specialist in your neighborhood.

It is crucial to find a professional who will know exactly what your type of skin needs.

Do #2: Exfoliate your skin before the treatment

Thoroughly exfoliate your entire skin at least one day before your appointment. If possible, make sure you use gloves, not a washcloth.

Do #3: Think ahead and gain some spray tanning experience 

If your wedding is not anytime soon, use this time for a trial period. Make several appointments on a monthly basis and use these sessions to master the whole process.

This trial period will allow your technician to find a perfect spray tanning solution for you, so you’ll know that your THE session before your wedding will go smoothly.

Do #4: Take care of all the other skin treatments before your spray tan appointment

If you are planning any spa days that include massages, saunas, and mani-pedis prior to your wedding (which you should, as pampering is something that you need right now), be sure to get those out of the way before you step into the spray tanning salon.

This is the safest way to avoid unnecessary smearing and/or removing of your tan.

The Spray Tan For Wedding Don'ts

Don't #1: Think you know more than your spray tan specialist 

Maybe you have some experience with spray tanning, but you should know that you must never argue with a professional, especially not about the shade.

If you have some suggestions, that is perfectly fine, but make sure you respect your technician and that the two of you work together to find your perfect shade.

Don't #2: Add another layer without removing your previous one

Be sure your previous tan was applied at least 3 or 4 weeks ago. Spraying over an old tan is never a good idea.

Don't #3: Exfoliate just before your spray tan appointment

Especially if you use scrubs, oils or lotions. This can form a thin layer of film on your skin which can act as a barrier and thus make it impossible for your skin to absorb the tan.

Don't #4: Exfoliate with a soap

Soap is a huge no-no as it can cause major fading or blotching, so never use soap to exfoliate (neither before nor after your session).

Don’t #5: Wash your body too soon after the session 

Although it may feel a bit uncomfortable, make sure you don’t shower right after your appointment. Spray tan needs time to set properly, so ask your technician when you can wash yourself after you’ve finished your spray tanning session.

BONUS TIP: Never hesitate to ask questions about spray tanning

There’s nothing wrong with not knowing certain details about sunless tanning. Don’t be afraid to ask your spray tanning technician anything you want to know about:

  • the very process
  • spraying methods
  • solutions
  • ingredients
  • fade times…

We hope we managed to cover all the basic yet crucial spray tan for wedding tips in this article. For more useful information on spray tanning techniques, equipment, salons, and the entire business – do check out Artesian Tan’s website right away. 

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