Spray Tanning Salons Industry Trends and Forecasts for 2018

Spray Tanning Salons Industry Trends and Forecasts for 2018

The sunless industry is a rapidly growing and changing industry where you always need to be alert for the newest trends and products to keep bringing your A-game each and every time.

While the nature of the game is constant change and development, there are a few things you should keep an eye out, which will help you with staying ahead of the curve and Artesian Tan is here to give you the brief inside scoop about those future trends!

For starters, self-tanners will continue to grow in popularity. 

Just in the US, three in 10 consumers get professional spray tans (according to Mintel research results on sun protection and sunless tanners).

Secondly, social media will continue to be the ultimate weapon of choice for tanning salons and others affiliated with the business. 

Why? Social media allows your customers to reach out to brands and to establish communication with them (and the other way around, of course). Real-time reviews, showcasing images, and the simple ability to show off “the goods & services” can encourage people to contact your brand.

According to Mintel’s report, 58% of US female beauty buyers aged 18-34 say they get encouraged by social media posts to buy a certain product or to use a particular sunless service.

With the clever utilization of different social channels, you can boost your revenue and grow your clientele.

Last but not least, the products themselves will continue to evolve. Today’s products create natural-looking colors in various ways. There’s even a good chance that sunless tanning pills will evolve and improve and become the next big thing! With the naturally-occurring chemical, canthaxanthin, these pills can deliver the same tanning-effect without topical application with results gradually becoming visible over time. At the moment, several of these pill formats are awaiting FDA approval.

Additionally, self-tan erasers are also gaining more ground as sunless tanning is becoming more prevalent. These products help to remove the remnants of an old tan and prepare the skin for the next application.

In a nutshell, these are the things you’ll want to look out for. For more info, just keep browsing our blogs! You won’t regret it! 

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