Spray Tanning Tips for Sensitive Skin

Spray Tanning Tips for Sensitive Skin

Unfortunately, not all skin types are made equal. While some people have perfect skin that absorbs any type of sunless tanning evenly and in no time, others have hypersensitive skin that is often too dry and simply won’t take spray tanning as well as “normal” skin.

This scenario is especially visible and annoying during colder months when low temperatures and wind tend to make things even worse and almost completely dry out your skin, leaving it moisture-less, fractured, chapped, and extremely uncomfortable. One of the worst side-effects of this occurrence is also your skin’s inability to receive fake tanning lotions.

Don’t worry though, there are some surefire tips and tricks when it comes to proper spray tan for sensitive skin. There is a way to trick your dry skin into taking sunless tanner well and making you look as radiant as ever.

Why Sunless Tanning Won’t Work With Sensitive Skin?

A lot of people who have sensitive and overly dry skin type will tell you that their skin is temperamental. And they couldn’t be more right. Excessively dry and irritable skin that lacks hydration is not easy to tame, but it CAN be done. One just needs to learn how to approach it properly.

The thing is that dry and sensitive skin has a lot of dead skin cells and lacks hydration to such an extent, that it actually acts like a shield rather than organic matter. Excessively dry skin simply doesn’t let tanning lotions penetrate through and the tanner simply doesn’t end up where it needs to be in order to form a dark skin layer.

Spray tans work in such a way that they attach to well-hydrated skin cells, but if your skin lacks well-hydrated cells, then the problem occurs.

But we at Artesian Tan do not give up that easily, which is why decided to conduct some research on the topic and come up with some quick-fix solutions.

Here are 4 main spray tan for sensitive skin tips that you can use all year long:

1. Exfoliate one day before the session

Perform a thorough exfoliation process 24 hours prior to your spray tan session. This will remove the bulk of your dead skin that is keeping the tanning solution from reaching and grabbing onto the skin cells underneath.

2. Keep your skin hydrated at all times

Moisturizing your skin is key when you have overly dry and sensitive skin. It is as simple as that. Those with chapped skin should moisturize their skin after every spray tanning session in order to keep their skin well-hydrated. This will also prolong your darker tone.

NOTE: We recommend moisturizing on a regular basis, even daily, regardless of the skin type. The thing is that most moisturizers are packed with nourishing ingredients (Aloe Vera is one of them) that are quite potent when it comes to keeping any type of skin healthy, gentle, and hydrated.

3. Stick to a sensitive skin-friendly tanning products

Make sure you find the products that work for your type of skin and stick to them. Changing brands and types of spray tanning solutions frequently can lead to more irritation and only worsen your tender skin.

Be sure to find solutions that don’t contain alcohol or parabens.

4. Perform a patch test

Those who have extremely sensitive skin should do a patch test before trying out any new spray tanning solution. To perform this test, you should:

  1. Apply a small amount of spray-on tanning solution behind your ear
  2. Wait for the tan to develop
  3. If you feel itchy or experience any type of discomfort in that area – we probably need to go shopping for another one. NOTE: don’t forget to wash off the area behind your ear!

So, there you have it – our basic tips and tricks when it comes to proper spray tan for sensitive skin. If you think we failed to mention something very important about this issue, by all means, do drop us a comment below. For more articles like this one, and some great deals on spray tanning products and equipment – visit Artesian Tan!

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