Tanning for Men: Ultimate Guide for Guys

Tanning for Men: Ultimate Guide for Guys

If you also get a tiny bit jealous of those perfect male models that have been flooding Instagram and Pinterest lately, you are not alone. Somehow they manage to have perfect bodies and maintain such flawless bronze men tan that you think “this must be photoshopped.” But not all those pics have been altered and embellished via computer software.

The truth is – most of them have those perfect tan complexions in real life too because they know whom to turn to. We at Artesian Tan try not to neglect our male audience, which is why we decided to cover the topic of man tanning and help you achieve that coveted fully-fledged bronze tan without any streaks, unevenness and premature fading.

Spray Tanning and Body Lotion Tips:

Spray tanning for men has become extremely popular over the past decade. It is cheap, it is easy, it is fast, and most importantly – it looks amazing.

1. Let it soak in overnight

Sunless tans like spray-on and lotions are applied either via a spray gun or with a mitt, and they affect the outer layer of your skin. This is why it is crucial not to take a shower or go for a swim after your tanning session. These lotions and solution need some time to reach into your skin and form a color, so make sure you wait until next morning to take that first shower after the session.

2. Exfoliate BEFORE

It is recommended that you clean and exfoliate your skin BEFORE you apply the tanner, not after. Exfoliating before will help remove the dead skin that would inevitably flake off later, thus making sure your tan would develop properly, keep unwanted streaks at bay and stick around longer. 

Pay attention to all those rough areas on your body, especially your:

  • Elbows
  • Knees
  • Ankles
  • Feet

3. Careful with putting your clothes back on

Make sure you wait at least 20 minutes or half an hour before you put all your clothes back on. Also, avoid wearing tight clothes.

4. Opt for a professional

If you are going with the spray-on tan instead of a DIY self-tanner, we recommend you go with a professional technician. Not only do they have skills and experience, but they also have professional equipment that guarantees flawless results.

DIY tip: Make sure you have an extra hand at your disposal

If, you choose to do it yourself, remember to ask someone to help you with your back. This is a hard (read: impossible) area to reach and apply the solution properly, so be sure to have someone there to help you out.

5. Watch out for the stains

It is probably a good idea to either sleep on a towel the night after your session, or to dig up some old sheets you don’t mind getting stained.

6. Hairline alert

Pay extra attention to your hairline area when applying self-tanner to your face so the transition is not too conspicuous.

Tanning Bed Tips:

For those who prefer tanning beds over spray-on and lotions, here are some useful tanning tips for guys:

1. Exfoliate thoroughly before you hit the tanning bed

Much like it is the case with spray tanning sessions, you should exfoliate your entire body approximately 24 hours before your appointment. This will prevent your dead skin peeling off afterward.

2. Increase your vitamin D intake

Within the 24 hour window before you hit the tanning bed, try doubling your vitamin D dosage as this will help your skin develop a more consistent complexion.

3. Shave

For those who don’t have a problem shaving their body completely, this will also help you achieve better and more distinctive results.

4. Pay attention to the time spent inside

This is especially crucial for the first-timers and those with no base tan whatsoever. The optimal treatment frequency would be 3 times a week, six minutes per each session.

5. Avoid using soap while showering for 48 hours

It is ok to shower within the 48 hour time frame after the session, but make sure you don’t use soaps and detergents as these will remove vitamin D collected within the outer layer of your skin.

We hope we managed to give you some useful and actionable man tanning tips so you will get the most out of your next tanning session. For more articles like this one, and some great deals on high-end spray tanning equipment, visit Artesian Tan!  

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