Tanning Salon Tips – Giving Your Customer a 5 Star Experience

Tanning Salon Tips – Giving Your Customer a 5 Star Experience

With so many spraying tanning salons out there, every owner keeps wondering how to get new customers, and even more important - how to keep them coming back? The answer lies in the phrase we’ve all heard so many times - it’s the little things that count.

Just think about it - when you go to get your coffee in the morning, you’ll probably go to that favorite barista of yours, who knows exactly how much sugar and milk you’d like to keep you smiling for the whole day.

So, when you plan your strategy for gaining loyal customers, consider winning them over with little things. 

Here are some tips for spray tanning salons customer care:

Making the first impression

A new customer coming? Greet them with a smile. While they’re getting ready, chat about their skin type, get to know them, especially if it’s their first time having a spray tanning treatment.

Free goodies

If you have a loyalty card, offer it to your new customer. Special offers such as a free treatment, or half a price if you bring a friend is a great way of demonstrating good customer service.

Help them prepare for tanning

Advise them to take off all of their jewelry such as rings, bracelets, and necklaces. Help them put on tanning accessories, such as “sticky feet” to stop the spray tan from getting to customer’s soles on their feet, or a shower cap since the solution can stain their hair.

Include a blending cream for elbows and knees for free, while you can suggest a pH balancing spray as an extra offer before spray tanning treatment.

After the spray tan

Make sure to clean your customer’s body parts of any excess solution on their skin. Pay attention to their palms, nails, and toenails. After they get dressed, explain them the whole aftercare process, which you can give in form of a flyer or other graphic material.

Like we said, it’s the little things that matter, and here at Artesian Tan we have all the tanning accessories and supplies ready in stock to make your spray tanning salon a booming success. Get it touch today! 

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