Tanning the Artesian Way

Tanning the Artesian Way

Self-tanning is an art- don't let anyone tell you otherwise. A perfect application takes time, patience, practice and the  best mobile spray tan machine, and it’s absolutely achievable every time.

Tanning the Artesian Tan way is easy when you follow our guide:  Spray Tanning Tips from the Pros.

  • No tanning every week, especially in the summer. If you want to maintain optimal color, you have to take care of your skin first. Summertime means extra sweat and more time in the ocean or pool. Your skin sheds over the course of five to ten days, and you should let it! Exfoliating is a bigger part of creating that base for the perfect color.
  • Use a moisturizer every couple of days to prolong the life of your tan.
  • Detox the same as you would with your nourishment. Give your body a set time to exfoliate once every month. Using an oil will make your skin more pliable when it's time to exfoliate. If you hate to be out and around with pale skin, cover up for a couple of days! But trust us, you want to give our skin this detox once a month for the best long-term experience with self-tanning.
  • Right after you tan, put baby powder in the places that are most likely to sweat – underarms, cleavage, on your knees or behind your legs. The powder will absorb the sweat and keep it from dripping which is what creates that messy, splotchy look.

For more indoor tanning tips and the best spray tanning solution, get in touch with our team! 

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