Tanned Skin for My Fair Lady

Tanned Skin for My Fair Lady

If you have pale skin, you know the struggle of trying to get that perfect tan. You can sit outside next to your olive-skinned friends for about twenty minutes before the red starts inching across your chest and down your arms.

So the real tan is out- honestly, probably for the best. Next option: the spray tan. This can be tricky since any color can be striking next to your milky white complexion that your friends and colleagues are used to seeing on you. But fear not, tanned skin for the fair lady is attainable.

Follow our guidelines for applying a fake tan for pale skin so that you can ease your way into a bronzer body before summer hits.

Top tips for getting the perfect spray tan on pale skin:

  • Exfoliate your body and face so that your skin can absorb the solution evenly
  • Tan your face in addition to your body. It’s not going to be orange if you apply right.
  • No lotions or perfumes immediately after the tan. Let the solution mix in without any uninvited chemicals on your skin.
  • Dress in lose, dark clothes after you tan! Avoid staining your clothes and keep the fabric from smudging the new color.
  • Book in the evening if possible- this allows you the most flexibility for following post-spray guidelines.
  • Try Norvell tanning solutions to get the best all over coverage for pale skin.
  • Wait the recommended timeframe to let the tan set in. Discuss thoroughly with your technician about the level of color you want. They’ll know exactly how to instruct you through the waiting process.

Remember, the beginning of your tanned life can be a bit of trial and error. Don’t fear! You’re going to find the perfect skincare routine to get and maintain the bronzed beauty life. For more tips and products, check out our online spray tan store!

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