A Guide Through The Tan Commandments

A Guide Through The Tan Commandments

The perfect tan requires expertise in pre-tanning rituals and commitment to practices that help preserve your glow. Fake tan tips are rather abundant, but they are not always so easy to remember! That’s why we’ve used our expertise in spray tan equipment and created the only list you need to keep on hand and to which you must remain obedient. We give you:

The Tan Commandments

1. Fear the sun.

Steer clear of the golden goddess if you want the namesake as your own. Wrinkles, brown spots, leathery skin, and melanoma are our least wished-for accessories.

2. Keep it natural.

No tanning excessively to achieve a color that is neither natural nor fathomable with your skin tone.

3. Exfoliate!

Exfoliate before the tan so you don’t wash off color after.

4. No bare hands.

Use the mitt when applying self-tanner.

5. Pre-coat thin areas.

Load up the hands, feet, elbow and knees with lotion to better latch onto the tan.

6. No water.

No contact with water for four to eight hours. None! Apart from drinking water of course. Plan accordingly.

7. Baggy is better.

Wear and sleep (especially sleep) in loose clothing so that the fabric does not wash away your tan.

8. Pat dry.

Instead of rubbing your skin clean or dry, pat it! This is will help preserve the color and avoid that awful patchy situation.

9. Oil, be gone!

Oil will break down the tan, so before and after your treatment, keep your beauty routine oil free.

10. No exfoliating post tan.

You’ll take off all the skin cells that just adopted their new color!

And that’s it! Live by these words of wisdom on how to get the perfect tan, and live with the healthiest, richest glow of all time. If you are interested in experimenting with your own mobile spray tanning equipment, check out our online store! 

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