Three Ways to Get Golden Skin

Three Ways to Get Golden Skin

Getting the perfect the summer glow is a task every summer. Beach bronze complements every part of our vibe and makes for the best staple all season long. It’s achievable come May, setting up shop outside and occasionally removing caps to soak in the natural rays. Maintaining that color post Labor Day? Now that’s another story.

Several trends take the stage for a healthy tan all year-round. Some have been around forever (eh-hem, the sun), others new and budding in the new millennia.

There is quite the scuffle between getting a tan via spray tan vs tanning bed, and it seems everyone is raising a hand with tips on how to get a healthy tan. Let’s take a look at a few ways to bronze your body and see what all this healthy tanning buzz is about.

Sunbathing is the easiest way to tan if you live in an area generously graced by the sun. Twenty minutes is said to suffice for necessary levels of Vitamin D in the day, and it will leave you with a lasting glow. However, make sure you know how to prevent melanoma and use a high SPF.

Tanning beds are an affordable option, but require maintenance and a good tanning lotion for best results. UV rays in the beds have been shown to be very similar to natural sunlight.

Spray tanning will ask you for one of your prettier pennies, but results are remarkable and last about a week. You can get your own Artesian Tan spray kit delivered right to your door by ordering from our website.

Self-tanning lotions are an excellent option for safe color. Be sure to use self-tanners sparingly, and do not rely on them for daily moisture.

By now, you’ve got to be itching to get that summer tan back on track for full color through fall! Check out our Artesian Tan products or reach out for advice on which bronzing method is best for you.

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