Tips for Giving Your Spray Tanning Client the "Royal Treatment"

Tips for Giving Your Spray Tanning Client the "Royal Treatment"

Clients deserve the best, right? You’ve probably heard this sentence a million times even before you were thinking about entering the sunless business. Now, it pops-up even more often. You read in headlines, as slogans, online, offline. Wherever you go, you are literally bombarded with this single sentence.

Have you ever wondered what this means in your particular situation, with your clients? In short, it means giving your clients a spray tan to remember. “That’s a no-brainer” - you might say, and you have every right to. Even though this sounds self-explanatory, a lot of salon owners fail to deliver the “royal treatment.”

The key to customer satisfaction is only complete with proper spray tan prep and post-spray tan care.

Royal treatment starts with proper preparation and ends with adequate-post tan care. Yes, perfect spraying techniques are also essential. However, most clients don’t understand that a lot will depend on their own actions when it comes to prolonging their spray tan.

Our spray tan experts at Artesian Tan are here to break down the basics of royal treatment. Once you begin implementing these tips, you'll see one off clients become regulars.

1. The session itself

Be a real professional. Get your chops in, make sure that your technique is flawless. Streaks, unevenly tanned body parts, and tan lines from hair nets are all unacceptable. Make sure to use the right amount of solution, and work at a distance of between 4 and 6 inches between the spray gun and the body.

Apart from having the proper skill set, high-quality solutions and equipment, being friendly is also a must. Ask questions. Ask about your clients’ tanning backgrounds, ask about how they’ve got into sunless tanning, ask about their past experiences and preferences. Tell them about yourself and your business, share your knowledge with them.

This brings us to step two.

2. Before the session

Prior to the actual spray tan session, make sure to tell your clients how they should prepare for their spray tan. Tell them about the importance of the skin’s balanced pH levels and to use pH balancer products. Make sure to tell them that all waxing and shaving should be done at least 24-48 hrs before their appointment and that proper moisturizing should be done the evening before.

Clients should also avoid deodorants, makeups, perfumes, and even forgo moisturizing on the day of the appointment.

3. The importance of post-tan care.

Your customers’ breathtaking tan will only stay fabulous if they treat it right. This is something you will also have to tell them. Instruct them to not apply any body products to the skin for at least 24 hours. Also, it may be wise to advise them that if they do use body products before the tan has developed, the outcome might be altered.

The secret to giving your clients the royal treatment is in educating them about the pre and post tanning prep and then blowing them away with a superb spray tan at their appointment.

Feel free to give the rest of our blogs a thorough read. You will become the master of sunless spray tanning in no time, and your clients will literally feel it on their skin! 

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