Tips For Starting a Spray Tanning Salon

Tips For Starting a Spray Tanning Salon

Running tanning salons is like running candy shops that serve summertime and year-round joie de vive. You’re going to love what you do, making people happy and making a living. It’s a lot of hard work too, which makes the mastery of opening your own salon even more fulfilling.

Before you break ground on your new career path, check out some of our tips for opening a tanning salon.

Produce a business plan.

This will force you to survey the market and get a clear picture of what it is you are endeavouring to do. Run through all the products you will need, likely profits and the many processes that will be involved in startup and maintenance.

Plan your finances.

Thoroughly generate estimated running costs. Include margins for error.

Buy, rent or share your salon.

When it comes to the retail space, consider what your best option is: buying, renting or leasing. There is no one right answer; each business will thrive under different conditions.

It’s all about the little details.

Pick and choose extras to offer guests that can supplement your income. Tanning accelerators and accessories come with a huge market that can be extremely helpful to your net earnings.

Invest in your own spray tanning kit.

Try out different spray methods on yourself or on friends at home. The more clever you are with the perfection of the tan, the more clients will want to be loyal to your services.

Tanning Supplies.

Make sure you provide all appropriate spray tanning safety wear. It’s up to you whether it’ll be complimentary or priced.

Choose high quality tanning solutions.

Make a good first impression by using tanning solutions that have a great reputation. Norvell Spray Tan, also known as the brand behind the bronze, is one of the fantastic tanning solution brands we offer here at Artesian Tan. Their latest product, Legend by Rick Norvell, is creating quite the stir.

If you’d like more insight on how to start a tanning salon business, get in touch with us and be sure to check out products for the best salon set-up in town. 

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