Top 10 Buzz Words You Want to Include in Your Spray Tan Business Name

Top 10 Buzz Words You Want to Include in Your Spray Tan Business Name

Spray it, don’t say it!

Unfortunately, not all of us have the luck or the luxury of living in The Sunshine State and being blessed with that natural tan that sticks around throughout the whole year. However, we DO have a little something called spray tan. If you are all about that bronze-look and you want to make sure the people around you also have the opportunity to be sun-kissed whenever they want to, then starting a spray tan business is definitely right up your alley.

Spray tanning is a quicker and, more importantly, much healthier alternative to traditional sun tanning, so it’s no wonder the popularity of this trend sky-rocketed on the market recently. And it is this spike in its popularity that makes it a very promising and profitable business endeavor.

Still, there are several things you must consider before you simply open your doors to tan-hungry customers. One of those things is to think of a catchy name that perfectly encapsulates what your business is all about. A great name can help any company stand out from the crowd, regardless of the niche.

But, before you start coming up with dozens of potentially catchy spray tan business names, we advise you to go over the following business-driving keywords closely related to this uprising industry:

10. “Hollywood”

Let’s face it, we all enjoy snooping around and learning juicy details about the Hollywood high-life, and the real truth is – we all want to look like movie stars and A-list celebrities. This is why you can’t go wrong with using Hollywood as a buzz word here.

9. “Beach”

Perhaps THE most relatable word to tanning. Beach is a surefire way to attract the attention of someone who wants to look like they’re back from vacation.

8. “Sun-Kissed”

Who doesn’t like to be kissed by the Sun? When your future customers read this phrase they will instantly get that familiar and warm feeling of getting that nice bronze color by sunbathing, thus wanting your spray tan services immediately. It’s all about triggering that desire.

7. “Golden Skin”

A lot of people crave the famous golden skin effect, but few of us have the opportunity to get it via natural sunbathing. That’s where your spray tan business comes in!

6. “Glow”

There she glows! People with well-sculpted bodies don’t want their hard work at the gym to go unnoticed. They want to really emphasize their perfect figure and what better way to do just that than to make their body glow with spray tan?

5. “Color”

This buzzword would be a slam-dunk in most of your spray tan business name ideas. It’s synonymous with tan, it is closely related to the industry, while it is also pretty easy to incorporate into a catchy phrase that might become your brand.

4. “Natural”

You can’t go wrong with natural. However, you do need to be careful how you use this word. If you're not using spray tanning solution that's specifically natural or organic, then this could be misleading.

3. “Sheen”

Another term that is a big hit in 2017 spray tanning trends is sheen (nothing to do with the actor, just to make that clear).

“I tan more than 200 people per month, and my clients are opting for a sheen on the skin, wanting to achieve an almost wet look,” says James Harknett, a global creative consultant for pro tanning brand Fake Bake.

2. “Bronzed/Bronze/Bronzing”

Most people who seek a quality spray tanning service are looking to achieve that famous bronze skin color, so any variation of this word should be a smash.

1. “Sunless”

The whole point of this business is to provide that covered golden tan without exposing one’s body to the Sun. This is where sunless tanning comes in as perhaps the buzziest keyword in the world of spray-on tan.

So there you go folks, our list of top 10 buzz words for your future spray tan business. NOTE: These can also work if you are coming up with mobile spray tan business names. Feel free to write some of your ideas in the comments section below, and we will give you our feedback on your drafts.

Good luck!

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