Top 5 Benefits of Spray Tan Training

Top 5 Benefits of Spray Tan Training

If you've recently taken the initiative to offer spray tanning services at your salon than you already have a leg up on your competition, however, you and your employees will need to know how to properly use the spray tan system to satisfy your customers. With that in mind, spray tan training and spray tan certification is a vital component to successfully integrate this new offering within your business' core services.

While you could work on application methods on your own, it is important to receive professional training and certification because your customers can distinguish a great spray tan session from a bad one. If you want to give your customers the best spray tan experience, you should consider enrolling into a spray tan certification program that'll teach you all the techniques you need to know. Let's go over the top five benefits of receiving spray tan training!

1. Enhance & Learn New Skills

A spray tan training program will teach you all the proper techniques and skills that'll achieve the results your customers are looking for. Let's face it, when a customer walks into a tanning salon for a spray tan, they are expecting nothing but the best and if you cannot deliver flawless results, that one bad session could prompt them to never come back – meaning you've lost future revenue. Don't risk losing business! Instead, get the proper training so you can deliver fantastic spray tans to each and every customer so they can keep coming back.

2. Rise above Competitors

Hitting the tanning salon for a spray tan is a hot trend in the industry because it provides customers with great results in less time than a traditional tanning bed. That means this service is becoming a staple in salons all over, including competitors' salons. With that in mind, spray tan certification and training will give you that edge over the competition because it'll help you attract more customers over those competitors who haven’t taken a training program.

3. Improve Marketability

This benefit goes hand-in-hand with the above point – you can market the fact that your salon has received professional spray tan training and certification, which of course, will help you rise above the competition. Once you've completed the program, you can market the certification at your salon and share the news with customers on social media. It's a powerful resource that can give your customers peace-of-mind because they will turn to salons that have proper training in the application.

4. Learn How To Work With Clients

The traditional tanning salon experience is quite basic, the customer arrives, they check in at the front desk/cashier and head to the tanning bed. However, the experience is much different when your salon offers spray tanning service because there is more interaction with the customer. With that in mind, a spray tan training program will help you learn the ways to adjust your techniques and equipment to suit the needs of every client because each customer has a unique skin tone and style to accommodate.

5. You'll Gain Knowledge

A good business owner knows the craft of their trade like the back of their hand and it's important to know just about everything you can when it comes to spray tan service. A spray tan certification course can educate you on various aspects of the business where you can learn about equipment, tanning solutions and other spray tan products, which will translate into a better customer experience. There's no doubt that a client may ask a few questions about the service and if you have those answers ready to go, you can make them feel confident in your service.

Are you ready to improve your skills with a spray tan training and certification program? 

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