Using Pinterest to Promote Your Spray Tan Business

Using Pinterest to Promote Your Spray Tan Business

Promoting a business online can sometimes feel like you are swimming upstream, stuck in a never-ending battle and never going anywhere. This feeling is not uncommon.

Getting your business to stand out online is not an easy task. Using specific tools the correct way can help your business to reach your target audience.

Fortunately, owners of spray tanning businesses are in luck. Pinterest is a great social media platform that offers our niche the powerful combination of visual content and actionable links.

What Can Pinterest Do for Businesses?

According to Pinterest, "83% of weekly US pinners have made a purchase based on Pins from brands." Users are active consumers who are looking for new products, ideas, and inspiration.

Creating a business account on Pinterest will open the door to information about your audience by providing you (tons of free) analytics on what customers and prospects are doing with your pinned content.

Businesses use Pinterest for cataloging products (with links), creating boards for different types of products or testimonials, and engaging with followers. Pinterest can be perfect for any small business if used correctly.

Why is Pinterest Good for Spray Tanning Businesses?

Health and beauty are some of the top industries on Pinterest.

For spray tan businesses, this is a great opportunity. With an already existing community, the platform is open and ready for new tanning businesses. Pinterest is all about inspiration, advice, and tips.

Posting striking photos of spray tans and information on what to expect will help convert your audience into customers and generate more awareness of your business among prospects — and even among your competition’s most loyal customers!

How Can I Use Pinterest for My Spray Tanning Business?

There are many ways tanning businesses can utilize Pinterest. However, given the popularity of the tanning industry on the platform, it's essential to be different, unique, and captivating.

First and foremost, create some boards. Boards, often seen as digital mood boards, are a great way to group pins around a particular topic or idea.

  • For example, a board for the release of a new tanning solution. Populate this board with photos of the solution in action or a graphic about the pricing.
  • Another great use of boards would be a testimonial board, with quotes and pictures from happy clients. Pinners like to do some research before making purchases and decisions.
  • Create a board to ease your audience's concerns about getting a spray tan. 
  • Create visual content and infographics with tips and advice to prepare for spray tans.

Check out some of Artesian Tan’s top boards, which generate more than 15,000 views each month:

Artesian Tan Pinterest Board

You’ll see that not every board is a hard sell. You’ll want to balance what your spray tanning customers want from you (services and products) with content that will engage them (fashion tips, tanning tips, and memes).

These are just a few tactics that can get your spray tan business up and running in the Pinterest community.

Start Pinning!

Pinterest is a great platform to get your spray tanning business to make some noise online. While it may seem intimidating, jump right in, and learn the environment. Make sure to use some of the tips and tricks from above; you'll be swimming in no time.

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