Vita Liberata – A well-known product in the field of sunless tanning, now available at Artesian Tan

Vita Liberata – A well-known product in the field of sunless tanning, now available at Artesian Tan

The best way to offer your customers new and exciting options is to keep everything fresh. This is why we always aspire to give our customers and partners new and fresh options so they can choose the products best fitted for their needs and aims.

Artesian Tan proudly presents a newly available product line, Vita Liberata, an Irish based company specializing in tanning solutions and other skincare options. The company is well-known for its quality products and ever-growing clientele. Vita Liberata spray tan products offer a quality tanning experience, with many outstanding reviews to back it up.

The company introduced the world's first odorless tan in 2007, which has since become a company standard. Vita Liberata is also one of the first businesses in the industry to produce completely harmless products, free from alcohol, parabens, perfume and all chemicals of concern. Today, Vita Liberata products are the sunless tanning product of choice among the world's most known spas.

Vita Liberata also uses natural and certified organic approved extracts in their formulas, offering a conditioning skincare treatment that not just tans the skin, but gives it a flawless finish that combines natural looking color, soft skin, and long-lasting hydration.

The company is also known for their long-lasting tanning products, giving the users a tan lasting usually longer than others. The majority of their line is available in an extra fast drying mousse formula, and an ultra-hydrating lotion formula is also available.

Vita Liberata is also known for their Trystal ™ Minerals Self-Tanning Bronzer, another revolutionary product, a self-tanning mineral bronzing powder. This product blurs the line between cosmetics and tanning, allowing its users to achieve a subtle tan effect even after washing off the natural-looking bronzer.

Some of the review writers praised the company's Ten-Minute Tan product, which is an easily applicable product, giving fast, convincing results. As the reviewer put it: "Brilliantly natural color, not so subtle as to be pointless and almost suspiciously easy. As an added benefit, it seems to blur. Pores, pimples and general signposts of fatigue are blended into the background."

Another reviewer praised the product for its even color, long lasting tan effect, and natural fading. The reviewer also noted that the tan was natural-looking, it was even and nicely settled almost right after application. She also praised the premium ingredients the product had and was satisfied with the overall outcome of her tanning session. Isn't that the sole point of sunless tanning? Right you are, the answer is YES!

This company offers a wide range of professional tanning solutions to suit every skin tone and skin type, guaranteeing an ultimate, professional experience every time.

As you can see, Vita Liberata takes tanning seriously. High-quality products, from only the finest ingredients, providing beautiful, long-lasting tans, which look natural and which won't smear everywhere, or make unwanted marks on clothes or sheets. Still not convinced?

Why not check out them for yourself? Don’t hesitate, place your order!

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