What Spray Tan Do Celebrities Use? Secrets Revealed

What Spray Tan Do Celebrities Use? Secrets Revealed

Everyone wants to have the perfect sun-kissed tan like their favorite celebrity. We all wonder how to get their flawless look and what spray tan celebrities use.

Celebrities are not born with flawless glowing skin nor do they get it by constantly lying on the beach. They spray tan!

There has never been more talk about the dangers of tanning salons and harmful sun rays. Celebrities know that, if done correctly, spray tanning is the ultimate solution to getting the bronze shimmery glow, without the risk of damaging the skin.

Spray tanning has been so perfected that the only difference from getting a vacation tan is the lack of tan lines. It provides a variety of options and is customized to achieve the best results, based on the natural color of your skin, hair and eye color, etc.

Some techniques even include special discrete lining to make it appear as if you have the perfectly defined abs and other muscles.

So what spray tan do celebrities use?

Spray tan is the key to red carpet envy-inducing tan. We’ll reveal the secrets of 5 celebrities’ favorite spray-tanning methods:

Kim Kardashian – St. Tropez

Whether you love her or hate her, you’ve got to admire Kim Kardashian’s bronze glowing skin. When it comes to tanning, she has a couple of secrets that make her tan really stand out. One of them is to spray the hair part to make the color appear more realistic.

Kim gets her shine at Cindy Barhop’s Completely Bare in New York and when she is aiming for a darker tan, her advice is to first apply a lighter coat and in the second treatment apply another to get the fabulous naturally-looking blended skin.

Kylie Jenner - Spray On Sun Bronzing Spray

Another great insight for the perfectly golden skin comes from Kylie Jenner. After getting a spray tan, due to makeup removal and washing your face, the tan most noticeably fades away from your face before it does on other parts of the body.

What Kylie does to avoid this and keep her tan perfectly uniform is to carry Suvara Spray On Sun Bronzing Spray in Medium to Dark everywhere she goes. Her advice is to spray it in the evening, leave overnight and wake up with a flawless tan.

Jessica Alba - Infinity Sun Glow

Some celebrities pay special attention to the ingredients and the effects of a spray tan. Jessica Alba swears by the Infinity Sun Glow on the Go not just for the fantastic results but also because it revitalizes skin and is made of the most natural eco-friendly ingredients, completely safe for the skin.

Her radiant and soft skin owes credit to essential oils and antioxidants the Infinity Sun Glow on the Go contains.

Denise Richards - Spray di Sole

Denise Richards looks best with a little help from Spray di Sole due to its organic and all-natural ingredients which, as an added plus, are vegan and cruelty-free. Thanks to the special brush-on method, the results are purely fantastic - the skin looks luxurious and refreshed.

The most exciting thing? Everyone can have this healthy odorless and alcohol-free tan since it is available for at-home use.

Anna Paquin – Colour Couture

Anna Paquin says she used to be the fairest girl but her role of a vampire in True Blood required her to dye her hair blond and get a tan. She has since become a huge fan of spray tans and gets her glamorous complexity from Colour Couture. Anna says, "a little spray tan and a little peroxide goes a long way."

All in all, every celebrity has their preference and a favorite spray tanning expert – whether it is due to product superiority or great personal service.

Artesian Tan has a spectrum of high-end spray tanning equipment and tanning solutions which are undoubtedly the best on the market. We will make sure you get the equipment of exquisite quality – you simply take care of the great service and you could soon become Kim Kardashian’s next favorite salon. 

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