What to Look for in a Spray Tan Tent

If you have a mobile spray tan business, then you know the many advantages of spray tan tents. A pop up spray tan tent is designed to prevent overspray, while also being extremely lightweight and portable. Yet, while spray tan tents are beneficial, they are not all the same quality. A top quality spray tan tent is made of durable materials, provides good ventilation, and quickly pops into shape and can be easily folded and stored. Here are some things to look for in a spray tan tent to ensure you are getting the best pop up spray tan tent out there.

spray tan tent

  1. Durability – A good spray tan tent is made from high quality, durable materials. Before buying a spray tan tent, make sure to examine its fabrication. Is it made of durable materials that won't deteriorate after multiple uses? The Kahuna Bay  pop up spray tan tent, for instance, is made of first quality, zero flaw, 210D fabrics, doubled stitched with marine grade nylon thread, and has a waterproof, thick floor.
  2. Portability – Another important factor to consider is portability. Since you'll likely be going to visit a number of different clients throughout the day and be carrying the spray tan tent around, you want to make sure it's lightweight and easy to carry. Choosing a spray tan tent that's too heavy can cause muscle soreness and pain. Opt for a spray tan tent that's less than six pounds.
  3. Size – While you want a spray tan tent with optimum portability, you also want to pay attention to the size. The spray tan tent should be able to fit easily into any room of your client's home, as well as be large enough for them to feel comfortable when receiving their spray tan. They should be able to enter and exit the tent effortlessly and stand comfortably without feeling cramped. Along with your client's comfort, a good spray tan tent will allow you to give your client a beautiful spray tan with ease.
  4. Ventilation – For ample ventilation, go for a pop up spray tan tent with an open roof. If your tent is th
    e correct size, you won't need an extraction fan or have to worry about overspray escaping through the top of the tent. 
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