Why Do Bodybuilders Use Spray Tan?

Why Do Bodybuilders Use Spray Tan?

Strong, dark, glazing bronze tans, bulking muscles, swimming trunks, and baby oil. Yes, this is the world of bodybuilding where athletes strive to develop the most appealing, most muscular, and most aesthetic physique out there.

However, you may wonder: why do bodybuilders spray tan? Why that dark color, and why all the fuss about regular tanning sessions before the show, why all those thick layers of spray tan? Whether you’re a seasoned salon/mobile business owner or you’re new to the spray tan industry, knowing the reason why bodybuilders spray tan is essential for your entrepreneurial goals

If you’re familiar to the world of bodybuilding, you probably know that some people refer to it as the “sport of illusions”, meaning, that athletes want to create the illusion of being more chiseled, muscular, and aesthetic as humanly possible. How they do that? Well, apart from training hard to get those bulging muscles and their rigorous diets, they also perfect their posing skills to show off their bodies in a way that flatters their physique the most – and this is the part where spray tanning comes in.

Here are some of the reasons why do bodybuilders use spray tan:

Defines the muscles

It’s no secret that on darker skin tones muscles can appear more prominent than on lighter ones. This means that spray tanning helps a great deal to increase the appearance and the definition of the muscles (and complementing the effort at the gym) without much effort for those who have lighter skin. To add to the illusion, bodybuilders do not stop at only one layer of tan. They often layer an extra dark coat to highlight their muscles all over their bodies for maximum effect and results.

It helps with creating the illusion of a slimmer body

Remember what we’ve said about the importance of illusion in the sport of bodybuilding? Apart from adding a little more bulge to the muscles, a dark coat of spray tan ensures that the athletes’ muscles are visible even when they’re not flexed. Spray tans helps with this by enabling the muscles to appear leaner as the darker color draws the eye inwards. However, you should know that this only works when the athlete has reduced his or her body fat to single digit numbers.

It helps with covering up stretch marks

When you’re busting your tail at the gym, stretch marks are inevitable “battle scars” both for women and men, whether they like it or not. This is a natural by-product of the muscles increasing in size. Almost all bodybuilders have to deal with stretch marks and spray tan helps to cover up up these marks and other skin blemishes by evening out the tone of their skin.

It helps a great deal in order to achieve the “total package”

To sum it all up, a great spray tan is a final touch to a stage-ready physique. It will help the competitor look at its best. A proper spray tan helps the muscles appear a bit more defined, a bit more developed and ads a slimmer look where it’s needed.

The only thing you need to know as a spray tanning professional is to make sure to apply the layers properly. To read about that, just take a look around at the blog post section of our site and for professional bodybuilding spray tanning products, feel free browse around our site. And for any questions, feel free to reach out to us. The staff here at Artesian Tan are all about helping you to perfect your sunless chops!

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