Your New Favorite Spray Tan Product - Kahuna Bay Sunless Tanning Solutions

Your New Favorite Spray Tan Product - Kahuna Bay Sunless Tanning Solutions

Summer is now in full swing! As more and more consumers recognize the hazards of UV-exposure, they turn to spray tanning, you don’t have to scale down your sunless tanning business just because the sun is out more. We have all of the brands and products to excite your clientele and keep them coming back to safely give their skin a consistently even and beautiful glow. Kahuna Bay is one that customers simply cannot stop raving about!

Exclusively distributed by Artesian Tan, Kahuna Bay’s popularity can be attributed to its small-batch production, impeccable quality, and wide variety of customizable solutions! After the reviews we’ve received and our own experience with the products, we can guarantee that they will leave both you and your clientele beyond satisfied.


Kahuna Bay developed their line of spray tanning products by listening to the features that matter for business owners like you. Manufacturing in small batches in Ohio allows them to fulfill orders quickly compared to other reputed brands. Realizing the impact that freshness has on improving your performance, they also manufacture everything on a per-order basis, so inventory doesn’t just sit around on dusty shelves in a warehouse! This process also presents the additional benefit of enabling you to customize the darkness levels and add fragrance. So, if you want to experiment and find what formulas work best for your business, Kahuna Bay’s products are an outstanding choice and you won’t find them anywhere else!



Whether you are an established spray tanning business in need of tanning solutions or a new business owner looking for a complete startup kit, Kahuna Bay has you covered. Their extensive product lines have the perfect solution for whatever your needs may be!


Like all of Kahuna Bay’s products, they manufacture their solutions to the highest industry standards to give their users incredible consistency that they can then pass on to their own clients. Combine these standards with their utilization of only the finest ingredients, and you will be shocked by the impeccable quality and breathtaking results of their products. Choose from a host of additional benefits such as anti-aging properties or light fragrance, which will set your business apart from the competition. You can rest easy knowing that you will never have to turn a customer away due to the texture or color of their skin not being compatible with your products, because Kahuna Bay has a solution for people of every skin type! No matter the size of your business, they are willing to work with you by offering a variety of quantities for all of their products to fit your needs.


When starting a spray tan business, you will soon realize the importance of delivering a consistently excellent tan and the benefit that Kahuna Bay’s impeccably manufactured products present. They attempt to help new entrepreneurs or current business owners take their first steps in to the industry by creating kits that contain the essential items you will need to get started, at a remarkable value. Three kits are available, each constructed based upon the size of your business or the amount you initially wish to invest.


New to Kahuna Bay or the spray tanning industry in general? Artesian Tan offers excellent support their consumers. This includes wholesale pricing starting at 30% off retail, tools, and training for spray tan business owners.

Shop Kahuna Bay now, an Artesian Tan exclusive, and see for yourself what everyone’s raving about!

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