Collection: Norvell Back Bar

Introducing the Norvell Back Bar Collection, an exclusive assortment of professional tanning solutions and products designed for salon use. This premium collection encompasses everything a salon needs to provide top-tier tanning services, from pre-tan preparation to post-tan maintenance. Featuring Norvell's renowned formulas, the Back Bar collection ensures clients achieve the most natural-looking, long-lasting tan with every visit.

Collection Highlights:

  • Pre-Tan Prep Products: Ensure clients' skin is perfectly prepared for tanning with our exfoliants and pH balancing products, designed to enhance the absorption and longevity of the tan.

  • Professional Tanning Solutions: From our best-selling Venetian and Dark solutions to our Rapid Development formulas, the Norvell Back Bar offers a range of options to customize each client's tan according to their skin type and desired outcome.

  • Post-Tan Maintenance: Extend the life of clients' tans with our moisturizers and tan extenders, infused with nourishing ingredients to keep skin hydrated and the tan fading evenly.

  • Specialty Tanning Products: Address specific needs with our facial tanning formulas, contouring sprays, and shimmer products, allowing for a fully customized tanning experience.

The Norvell Back Bar Collection is designed for salons committed to providing exceptional tanning results. Each product is formulated with Norvell’s exclusive blend of natural ingredients, ensuring a vegan, paraben-free, and gluten-free tanning experience. Equip your salon with Norvell's professional-grade products to elevate your tanning services and delight your clients with unparalleled results.