Collection: Norvell Solutions

Dive into the excellence of Norvell's professional tanning solutions, a collection revered for its cutting-edge technology, premium formulations, and unparalleled results. Each Norvell solution is meticulously designed to offer a distinct tanning experience, ensuring salons can cater to the diverse desires of their clientele with confidence and ease.

Collection Highlights:

  • Norvell Venetian: A unique violet-hued formula that mimics the natural tan of the European sun, Venetian provides a deep, rich color that eliminates orange undertones, perfect for those seeking a Mediterranean glow.

  • Norvell Dark: Ideal for achieving a classic, deep, golden tan, Norvell Dark offers a robust color that develops beautifully on a wide range of skin tones, ensuring a natural, long-lasting bronze.

  • Norvell Double Dark: For clients desiring an extra level of intensity and depth, Double Dark delivers a significantly darker tan without compromising on the natural look and feel of the resulting bronze.

  • Norvell One Hour Rapid: Catering to those with time constraints, the One Hour Rapid solution allows clients to shower just one hour after application, developing into a full, natural-looking tan over the next 24 hours.

  • Norvell Ultra Vivid Color Collection: A line of specialized tanning solutions, including the ColorMaximizer, which preconditions the skin to accept the tan, and various enhancers and extenders that elevate the tanning experience and prolong the life of the tan.

Norvell's solutions are infused with a blend of natural ingredients designed to nourish the skin, enhance the tan, and deliver a fade-resistant color. With options ranging from light to ultra-dark, Norvell ensures every client can achieve their desired level of bronzing, all while enjoying a comfortable, streak-free application.

Equip your salon with Norvell's professional tanning solutions and provide your clients with the gold standard in sunless tanning.