Collection: Hawaiian Blend

Introducing Kahuna Bay's Hawaiian Blend Solution and Mousse, your go-to choice for achieving a luxurious, violet-based tan. This premium collection is specially formulated to cater to those who desire a deep, rich tan with cool undertones, effectively minimizing orange hues for a natural-looking bronze glow. The Hawaiian Blend Solution, perfect for use with spray tan machines, offers a seamless application, while the Hawaiian Blend Mousse provides an easy, hands-on approach for at-home use. Both are infused with a violet bronzer that adapts to your skin's natural tone, enhancing its depth and intensity. Enriched with nourishing ingredients, they not only tan but also moisturize, leaving your skin silky smooth and beautifully bronzed. Ideal for all skin types, Kahuna Bay's Hawaiian Blend is your ticket to a flawless, island-inspired tan.