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Kahuna Bay Tan

Kahuna Bay Tan Classic Competition Spray Tan Solution, 128 oz Gallon| Proven Comp Tan Winner

Kahuna Bay Tan Classic Competition Spray Tan Solution, 128 oz Gallon| Proven Comp Tan Winner

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Get the Bulk Advantage with 128oz Comp Tan Classic by Kahuna Bay Tan

Ultimate Bronze in Bulk: 128oz Comp Tan Classic for Professionals

Maximize Your Tanning Potential with 128oz Comp Tan Classic

Elevate your tanning game and ensure you never run out of your favorite competition tan with Kahuna Bay Tan's Comp Tan Classic in bulk 128oz. Designed for professionals and serious competitors, this bulk option offers the same exceptional quality and performance as our standard sizes but ensures you're always prepared for every competition, client, or personal use.

Why Choose 128oz Comp Tan Classic?

  • Economical Bulk Size: Maximize your value with our 128oz bulk size, ideal for salons, spas, and avid competitors.
  • Natural, Hydrating Ingredients: Formulated with natural ingredients that moisturize the skin, our solution is free from alcohol or harsh chemicals, ensuring a healthy glow.
  • Professional-Grade Bronze: Achieve an intense, ultra-dark bronze with our hand-blended bronzers, perfect for standing out under competition lights.
  • Quick-Drying, Durable Tan: Quick to dry and designed to last through your events with minimal rub-off, our solution provides a flawless finish.

The 128oz Comp Tan Classic caters to medium and medium/dark skin tones, providing a reliable, high-performance tanning solution for professionals. Plus, it's available for private labeling, making it a favorite among brands and winners alike, including those competing in prestigious events.

🌟 Bulk Excellence for Professionals 🌟

Our 128oz Comp Tan Classic is not just a product; it's a professional solution. Trusted by salons, spas, and competition winners, discover why our bulk tanning solutions are in high demand for private labeling and professional use.

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