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Kahuna Bay Tan

Kahuna Bay Tan for Men Sunless Tan Solution, 32 oz| Designed for a Masculine Bronze!

Kahuna Bay Tan for Men Sunless Tan Solution, 32 oz| Designed for a Masculine Bronze!

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Elevate Your Tanning Game with Kahuna Bay's 32oz Solution for Men

Designed for Every Man: Quick-Dry, USA-Made, Paraben-Free Excellence

Step up to a superior tanning experience with Kahuna Bay for Men's 32oz Sunless Tan Solution. Specially formulated to meet the discerning needs of men, this premium blend harnesses violet and brown bronzers, ensuring a deep, dark tan that complements any skin tone. Our generously sized 32oz bottle guarantees you'll have plenty of solution for a consistent, long-lasting tan that's as enduring as it is impressive. 🌟 Proudly made in the USA, this quick-drying, anti-aging, and paraben-free formula is available in two captivating fragrances: the classic richness of Sandalwood and the crisp, clean Sport Fresh.

  • More to Love: Our 32oz bottle means more tans, more value, and more confidence in your skin's appearance.
  • Safe and Natural: With no parabens and a focus on skin health, your tanning process is as safe as it is effective.
  • Fragrance Freedom: Choose your signature scent to complement your personal style, be it Sandalwood or Sport Fresh.

Addressing Your Tanning Concerns: Fed up with short-lived tans or unnatural orange hues? The Kahuna Bay 32oz solution for men eradicates these issues by providing even, naturally bronzed skin that lasts, making tanning mishaps a thing of the past.

Directions for Use: For Professional Spray Tan Technicians: Prepare the client's skin by ensuring it's clean and exfoliated. Use a professional spray tan machine to apply evenly across the body, adhering to machine guidelines for flawless results. For DIY Tanning Aficionados: Begin with clean, exfoliated skin. Using a tanning glove or mitt, apply the solution in circular motions for uniform coverage. Allow the solution to dry fully before dressing to ensure the best results.

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